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How are we managing post-pandemic? 

May 12, 2022

How are we managing post-pandemic? 

How are we managing post-pandemic? 

– A glimpse into Arrka as a part of the 50th edition of insync. Thank you TiE Pune for all the ecosystem support we get. 

Celebrating the 50th edition of TiE Pune’s InSync – your weekly Digi paper for interesting reads on the startup ecosystem.
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TiE Pune’s Insync-

People make a company and with the pandemic, things simply turned on their heads. Now that things are getting back to normal, what are the challenges start-ups are facing with manpower? We asked a few start-up founders and this is what they have to say:

by Sameer Anja – Co-founder, Arrka

Covid has been a long journey, and as it looks to be winding down or deviating, we do face people-related issues and need to tackle them. Our key issue now is to ensure our employees get the relief they need, and we are able to give them the flexibility to work from anywhere. Employees who have met each other before, are good with the current arrangement and are not looking to return to the office full time. Many of our employees, who joined us during the COVID-times, want to get a feel of the office atmosphere. They want to come, and since our employees are scattered across; we are finding this tough – to bring them under one roof. Wanting to be in an office and work is on a wish-list for some of them, and so we end up trying to balance this concern and give them something to have, sort of like a water cooler conversation.

However, we are doing our best to manage the situation. We do a lot more video calls now. This way, people are able to put a name to their faces. Apart from regular get-togethers etc, we encourage people to do one-on-ones, have coffee meetings, and have non-biz sessions/conversations as well. Engaging with people and giving them different spaces to work is one of the things we do to manage. Apart from this, we are evaluating getting them to an office where other people are there so that they get a feel of the office atmosphere as well. Though this is still a work in progress, we feel it will get them to experience an ‘office’ for some time and give them a choice as well. Should help, I think.

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