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PrivacyForImplementors Series #5 

December 19, 2022

PrivacyForImplementors Series #5 

Channels via which Personal Data comes into your organization

Since the foundation of any Data Privacy Program is to understand the organizational Personal Data comprehensively, the first step is to look at the various channels via which Personal Data comes into the organization. Some channels are ‘obvious’, some are not. 
This diagram outlines the various channels – so Privacy Program Implementors know where to look. 

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Why should Privacy Compliance translate into looking for hard-to-find experts, steep budgets and sleepless nights? You have Arrka. 

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Every Human Being on this planet has a Right to Privacy. Whether or not a Personal Data Protection or Privacy Law already exists in their country or is in the pipeline.

Ergo, every organization handling Personal Data needs to implement a Data Privacy program. Arrka’s mission is to empower every organization to do so.

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