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On the occassion of Data Privacy Day, we at Arrka are glad to announce the

State of Data Privacy of Indian Mobile Apps & Websites Report 2022

Key Highlights

We studied Personal Data Collection by Apps and Trends

Android Apps - Access to Camera Continues to Increase

We also studied the categories of 3rd Parties with whom Data is shared through Apps and Websites

Android Apps - 68% of 3rd Parties are related to Advertising and Analytics

We compared Indian Apps with International Apps from the EU and US on Personal Data Collection

Indian Apps collect significantly more Personal Data than US and EU Apps

We analysed Children's Apps and their readiness to the upcoming India Privacy Bill (DPDPB)

Still a long way for Children's Apps to go to comply to the DPDPB

We studied Discrepancies between declarations on the Play Store / AppStore Pages & Reality

Major Discrepancies between what Apps are declaring on Playstore/App Store versus what they are doing

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Why should Privacy Compliance translate into looking for hard-to-find experts, steep budgets and sleepless nights? You have Arrka. 

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Every Human Being on this planet has a Right to Privacy. Whether or not a Personal Data Protection or Privacy Law already exists in their country or is in the pipeline.

Ergo, every organization handling Personal Data needs to implement a Data Privacy program. Arrka’s mission is to empower every organization to do so.

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