Annual State-of-Privacy-in-India Study

Annual ‘State of Privacy in India’ Study

India has emerged as the fastest growing country of Digital users. And the second largest. Much of online usage takes place via mobile phones.

Naturally, there are concerns about the privacy risks that these digital users are exposed to. This has been exacerbated by several incidents in the recent past about individuals being tracked without their knowledge, data being sent outside the country, etc.

We at Arrka were curious to find out how Indian Digital Properties performed in general with respect to some of these concerns. Looking around for data points, we discovered that there were none available – and hence we decided to conduct a study ourselves. Leveraging Arrka’s Privacy Testing Lab , we tested out 100 of the top Indian Android mobile apps against key privacy parameters in Dec 2017.

We have now made this an annual activity.

This year – in 2018 – we extended the scope of the study to test not just the top Android Apps but their IOS counterparts as well as the associated websites. The results of this ‘State of Privacy in India’ study is available here. Should you want a copy of the comprehensive report, please contact us.