ArrkaCISO – for SMEs


Does this Sound Familiar?

You are a Small- or Mid- Sized organization. You use Information Technology. Your data is sacrosanct. You know that if anything happens to your IT, especially your data, your business will get shaken or come to a standstill. Meanwhile, your customers require you to comply with some complex standards. Further, the government has some laws and regulations that you need to comply with.

Sure, you have taken care of the basics. You already have a Firewall/ UTM device, an Anti-Virus, etc installed. You probably have conducted some audits or some VA/PT tests. You take back-ups. However, these don’t seem to stop incidents or attacks taking place. You worry what happened to an organization next door you can happen to you as well.

Meanwhile, you have a business to run. You don’t have the bandwidth or the resources to expend on activities which are not your area of expertise. Nor can you find resources to add to your team to do all of this.

The Arrka Solution: ArrkaCISO

We at Arrka understand this scenario well. We have seen many customers struggle through these very same challenges. Which is why we have designed a special model and an associated service – for Small and Mid-Sized organizations – to help take on their Information Risk challenges. Whether it is Cybersecurity, Information Security, Data Privacy, Disaster Recovery, Compliance, Managing incidents & attacks – we have it all figured out under one comprehensive, integrated model. We are vendor-neutral. So we work with whatever products/ solutions you may have deployed. We put it all together for you. Add on the necessary policies, processes, activities – basically whatever it takes – so that you are free to run your business while we take care of your Information Risks. In short, we are your extended CISO Arm. Your Chief Information Security Officer. So you can run your business in peace.

The ArrkaCISO Model

Our model is specially designed – keeping in mind the realities of an SME’s world. We use a combination of:

  • Automation & Standardisation: Via the Arrka Platform
  • Special Delivery Approach

BTW, we don’t sell or implement any technology products or solutions. Hence we give you advice that leverages your existing investments and building on them. Want to know more? Do contact us