Board/ Senior Management Briefings

Information Risk Briefings for Boards & Senior Management

Information Security & Data Privacy are now on the agenda of Boards and Senior Management of organizations. Driven by the risks posed by not addressing the above areas coupled with laws, regulations and frameworks in this area coming into play, Boards and Senior Management have a key role to play.

However, end of the day, Board Members and Senior Management are also individual end-users. Few have the background or domain knowledge to understand the core issues pertaining to Information Risks. Yet they are tasked with taking key decisions pertaining to these areas.

In parallel, they are also subject to a cacophony of conversations from the media, regulators, governments, policy makers, lawyers, technology experts, activists, shareholders, clients, etc. Many a time they are asked to give their opinions on some of these issues.

In the midst of all this, the business has to run!

We at Arrka understanding this problem. We also know that the solution does not lie in bombarding these senior people with technology minutiae nor with legalese. We also understand that while the challenges can be built up, it is important for them to know what to do about it.

Keeping this in mind, the Arrka Academy has developed the Information Risk Briefing for Boards and Senior Management. Conducted as in-person, short, closed door sessions by the top management of Arrka, this exclusive briefing has been much in demand lately.

Should you want to conduct one for your Board & Senior Management, do contact us .