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Careers With Arrka

Arrka works in the highly specialised domain of Data Privacy where our single-minded focus is on equipping organizations to operationalise and implement privacy. 
Therefore, coming on board at Arrka means getting an opportunity to participate in building something from scratch in a relatively new and and rather greenfield domain, an opportunity to make an impact, an opportunity to become visible, an opportunity to work with industry experts, an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to participate in the excitement of not only a rapidly growing organization but in the making of an entire industry. 
We are always looking for good people to augment our team. We not only offer opportunities to experienced professionals as well as freshers & new comers, but we also have a specialised program (‘Wind Beneath My Wings’) for mid-career professionals wanting to make a switch to Data Privacy or women wanting to come back into the workforce after a break or professionals who need flexi working options, etc. 
Game to join the excitement? Reach out to us at talent@arrka.com 

Current Job Openings

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Why should Privacy Compliance translate into looking for hard-to-find experts, steep budgets and sleepless nights? You have Arrka. 

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Every Human Being on this planet has a Right to Privacy. Whether or not a Personal Data Protection or Privacy Law already exists in their country or is in the pipeline.

Ergo, every organization handling Personal Data needs to implement a Data Privacy program. Arrka’s mission is to empower every organization to do so.

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