Data Privacy

Data Privacy

In a nutshell, Data Privacy is all about ensuring an individual can exercise control over her personal data. Easier said than done in today’s hyperconnected, always-online world. To ensure this happens, there are laws and regulations that entities dealing with an individual’s personal data – directly or indirectly – need to comply with.

Arrka helps both organizations and individuals grapple with the challenges specific to Data Privacy.

We enable organizations to:

  • Understand : what exactly are their obligations when it comes to Data Privacy, what Risks they are exposed to in this domain and what compliance requirements they need to fulfil
  • Act : on this understanding – and, therefore, implement privacy programs
  • Contain : any fall-outs or incidents that may occur pertaining to this domain
  • Manage : all of the above on a continual basis as the world around rapidly evolves In short, we help organizations to implement Data Privacy

  • We enable individuals to deepen their understanding of Data Privacy so that they are equipped to make informed decisions at different junctures of their everyday lives.

    Data Privacy in Organizations:

    Enterprises Large and Small: need to address the risks they are exposed to on account of Data Privacy requirements.

    Large Enterprises: need to use structured, specialised Data Privacy implementation frameworks to design, implement and manage what are typically large Data Privacy programs. We at Arrka enable large enterprises to do precisely this.

    The Arrka approach to this involves:

    1) Gap Assessments: We help organizations understand what are the gaps at their end with respect to Data Privacy

    2) Program Design and Implementation: Based on the Gap Assessment report, we help organizations act upon and remediate those gaps via formal Data Privacy programs. We help in designing and implementing those programs in a structured manner

    3) Testing: Many digital and/or technology products and platforms in an organization need to be specifically tested for Data Privacy. The Arrka Privacy Testing Lab does precisely this

    Small & Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

    also need to do the above. However their scale of operations being significantly smaller (as compared to large enterprises), their challenges can be very different. Moreover, they are severely constrained by resources and budgets. Hence what works for large enterprises does not work for SMEs. Understanding this reality, Arrka has a specialised solution designed for SMEs.

    The Arrka Data Privacy Study :

    Given how limited is the information available on Indian Enterprises about the state of their Data Privacy, we at Arrka leverage our Privacy Testing Lab to do an annual study on the privacy of the digital properties of Indian Enterprises – testing their Mobile Apps and Websites for Privacy. Check out our latest report - for the 2018 study .