End User Awareness

End User Awareness for Organizations

As we at Arrka work closely with organizations to help them address their SecPriv Risks, we see two realities on the ground at close quarters:

  • The individual is indeed the weakest link. No matter what tight controls the organization may implement to deal with their SecPriv risks, they can come to nought if their people are not made aware and appropriately trained.

  • Creating awareness about SecPriv is a communication problem and not a SecPriv problem. Yet it is the SecPriv domain practitioners who are tasked with addressing it.

  • We believe that to address the above, organizations need to institute formal SecPriv Awareness programs – that drive home key messages continually. Creating awareness is not a one-time activity. And, as with any well-implemented program, an awareness program also needs to be properly designed and implemented, with clearly stated objectives, metrics to track and measure, etc.

    The Arrka Academy helps organizations implement Awareness Programs via the following key elements:

    1. Online Learning Modules: CyberNinja

    These are self-learning modules that any end-user can ‘consume’ on her device (desktop/laptop/mobile) at her own pace in the convenience of her work environment or home.

    The modules are flexible and can be (a) Customised to specific organizational requirements
    (b) Branded to suit an organization’s communication guidelines

    The Arrka Academy offers separate learning modules for security and privacy. Contact us for further details.

    We also do exclusive in-person Board and Senior Management briefings on Information Risks.

    2. Creatives and Artefacts

    We offer a host of creatives and artefacts to run an awareness campaign. These include posters, screensavers, newsletters, quizzes, etc. We have a library of these artefacts from which an organization can pick & choose and license as per their requirements.

    We also custom-design artefacts for specific requirements of organizations

    Contact us for further details.

    3. Phishing Tests

    One of the critical challenges that organizations face today is that of their end-users falling prey to phishing attacks. Even one user clicking on a phishing link can give rise to potentially high-risk incidents.

    To test how vulnerable an organization’s end-users are, it is best to ‘test’ them from time to time via phishing tests. These tests send out mock phishing mails and see who actually falls prey to them. This equips the CISO to do targeted awareness campaigns to reduce this vulnerability.

    Arrka offers these phishing tests as part of its Awareness Program elements.

    Contact us for further details.

    4. Awareness Program Management

    We help organizations design, implement and manage end-user awareness programs end-to-end. Setting clear objectives, identifying all target audiences, identifying appropriate content elements for each audience, identifying the channels to be used and assisting in implementing & managing the actual program itself.

    To ensure the success of a program, it is also critical to set appropriate metrics for measurement and track the same. We help set these up too.

    All of this is supported by a specially designed Awareness Program Management Dashboard – so that all stakeholders are kept abreast of the performance of the program.

    Contact us for further details.