We provide Consulting & Advisory services to Enterprises to help you address the challenges you face in managing your Information Security, Cyber Security, Data Privacy, Compliance, User Awareness and other related Information Risk domains.

Assessments, Audits & VA/PT Services:

Assess the current Security posture of your organization – to help you understand where you stand and where you need to go from here. To enable you to do this, we do a comprehensive assessment of your current infrastructure. This goes beyond just the traditional VAPT to look at policies, processes, frameworks, compliance requirements, tracking & measurement techniques and other parameters that contribute to your risk posture.

Don’t wish to do a full-fledged assessment? Just need a Vulnerability Assessment and a Penetration Test to be carried out? We do VA PT for the following:

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Mobile Apps(Android & iOS)
Need to get an audit done for some specific requirement? We do the following audits:

Specializes Audits

  • 3rd Party / Vendor Audits
  • Aadhar(UIDAI) e-KYC Audits
  • Software Licence Audit
  • E-Sign Audits
  • ICFR compliance audits


We help organizations comply with various standards and regulations. We work with you on two key fronts here:

• Readiness: We help with your readiness efforts and help you get certified as required for specific standards.
• Ongoing Maintenance & Management: We recognize that your work doesn’t stop with getting certified. To ensure you reap the benefits on complying with a standard is an ongoing, often relentless, process. Therefore, we have a specialised service to help you with this continuous process.

The standards we help with include:

• ISO-27001
• SSAE 16
• RBI Cybersecurity frameworks
• IT Act