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Privacy Testing of Mobile Apps

One of the most discussed issues pertaining to the digital world today is how individuals are being constantly tracked and monitored every step of the way. This is causing much concern amongst not just individuals but also other key stakeholders like governments, regulators, policy makers, civil society and organizations.

Emerging Data Protection & Privacy laws require organizations to comply with some stringent measures to protect the interests of the individual. In a scenario like this, organizations need to ensure that they are able to comply at every level – right down to their Mobile Apps.

To address this specific requirement, Arrka’s Privacy Testing Lab specifically tests for Privacy in Mobile Apps. Referred to as ‘Mobile Apps Privacy Testing’ or ‘MAPT’, the testing is carried out against the following parameters:

The results are benchmarked against privacy laws and regulations as well as standards so that the organization gets a full view of how the Website fares vis-à-vis the same

We also leverage the Arrka Lab to conduct an annual‘State of Privacy in India’ study. In 2017, we tested 100 Indian Android Apps for Privacy. This year – 2018 – we have done the same for 100 Indian Android + IOS Apps as well as their corresponding Websites.

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