Privacy Assurance of Digital Products

Privacy Assurance of Digital Products

As the digital economy grows, consumers are increasingly interacting with Mobile Apps, Websites, Web Applications and IOT devices to avail various services. As part of the services provided, the above digital products collect, process, share and store Personal Information. Globally there is an increasing concern about the Personal Information that is collected by organizations which can be inferred by the various Privacy regulations like GDPR that are coming into force in different geographies. To understand this in more detail, let us get a sense of the ecosystem, its various stakeholders and their motivations.

There are 4 key stakeholders in the process :

Need of the Hour : A Privacy Assurance Program that can evaluate a Digital product on the Privacy Principles listed in the regulation; take into account the specific data collection nuances of the product and also provide “Visual Assurance” to the end consumer and product buyers.


They are the eventual users of the Digital Products. They are concerned about the lack of transparency with the way their Personal Information is being used and are increasingly mistrustful of organizations collecting their data.

Product Providers

Organizations that develop and own the Digital Products. They are trying to balance the benefits of collecting more Personal Information from users so they can better customize their services; with the need to demonstrate Privacy conformance and use Privacy as a differentiator in the market.

Product Buyers

Organizations that procure Digital Products for their employees and/or customers.Buyers want to evaluate Privacy Assurance of a product as part of their procurement process . This will benefit the organization both by showcasing their commitment to privacy while also reducing their own burden in implementing privacy.


Organizations that ensure Industry compliance to Privacy regulations. Regulators would like to ensure that Digital Products comply to the various Privacy principles and obligations that apply for a particular region/sector/function.