Privacy for SMEs

Data Privacy for Small & Mid-Sized Enterprises

Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises have their own unique challenges while dealing with Data Privacy related issues.

Typical challenges include:

  • Where do we get the funds to implement Data Privacy?
  • We don’t have anyone on our team who even understands this stuff. How will we implement a program?
  • Who do we turn to for advice? The experts are too busy helping out the large organizations – they don’t have time for us. Even if they did, we can’t afford to hire them
  • If we don’t implement the program, we can’t continue to be in business!

  • We at Arrka understand this very well. And hence we have a special offering exclusively designed and tailored for Small & Mid-Sized businesses. That takes into account all the challenges faced by SMEs.

    So what are we doing different for an SME?

  • The Arrka Approach: A different approach and engagement model that has been designed grounds-up to meet the requirements of an SME. It is NOT a large-enterprise approach ‘force-fitted’ for an SME
  • The Arrka Platform: That has toolkits and automation built in that makes it really simple for an SME to implement privacy.

  • The combination of technology and privacy-knowledge is what makes all the difference.

    What’s more, the platform enables integration into the SME’s infosec program too – which means that the SME can implement and manage BOTH its Infosec and Data Privacy programs together – further driving up efficiencies and driving down costs.