Privacy Study-State of Privacy of Mobile Apps

State of Data Privacy of Mobile Apps in India – A Study

India has emerged as one of the global leaders in Mobile Internet usage today. With over 934 Million Mobile phone users in India and with 80% of Internet usage happening over mobile devices, mobiles are a focus area for everyone.

As a result, India is one of the largest users of Mobile apps too. This is corroborated by the fact that India saw over 6 Billion Google Playstore downloads. The mobile has become to ‘go-to’ device not just for communication but also entertainment, utilities and other purposes too.

In this scenario, concerns around security and privacy of mobile devices and apps emerge. Some of these are:

• How many apps access sensitive user data like Location, Contacts, SMS, Camera, microphone, etc from a user’s device?
• What sort of tracking of a user’s activities online goes on secretly?
• How much of data is being shared with /sold to 3rd Parties without letting the user know?

We at Arrka were curious to find out how Indian mobile apps performed with respect to some of these concerns – and hence we decided to conduct a study ourselves. Leveraging Arrka’s Privacy Testing Lab , we tested out 100 of the top Indian mobile apps against key privacy parameters.