Privacy Testing Lab

Privacy Testing Lab

Organizations are under increasing pressure to comply with an ever growing array of data privacy laws & regulations – with stiff penalties for non-compliance. This is coupled with the general expectations of assured privacy from their customers and other stakeholders in an era where more and more data is considered personal. Arrka set up its Privacy Testing Lab to enable organizations to manage this for their digital products. The lab carries out a series of tests specially designed for specific digital products and media.

Why a Privacy Testing Lab?

In the absence of technical tests, Arrka found that organizations carry out privacy checks using Interviews and checklists with key stakeholders of the product. This method has many limitations:

• High dependence on individuals to provide accurate information. An Individual-dependent process lacks end-to-end perspectives due to complex and siloed organizations & their partners.
• Lack of independent verifications
• In large organizations, there can be a disconnect around privacy risks in the dialogue between Legal, Compliance, IT, Info Security and Marketing on the other teams – leading to data that may not be consistent.

To overcome the above limitations and to give organizations independent, data-backed insights into the reality of the privacy of their digital products, Arrka set up a Privacy Testing Lab.

At present, the lab offers the following:

  • Privacy Testing of Mobile Apps-
    We understand the specific privacy related issues that are unique to Mobile Applications and do a series of specially designed tests at the app, network and code level to determine the extent of privacy implemented in a mobile app.
    We tested out the top 100 mobile apps from India recently and published the results of this study. You can check out the study here.

  • Custom-designed Testing

    We also do custom-designed testing for any digital environment.
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