Solutions for SMBs

Small & Mid Sized Businesses all over the globe face unique challenges while complying with various Data Privacy requirements. Severely limited budgets and virtually no access to expertise is a grim reality. Yet comply they must – if they have to continue doing business. This is where Arrka’s specially developed solutions for SMBs come in handy.

Developed grounds-up specially for this segment, honed & fine-tuned over 5 years across a cross section of clients, our SMB solutions are offered off our Arrka Intelligent Platform. Pick what works best for you: compliance to Specific laws / standards or a comprehensive Privacy-as-a-Service. You focus on your business while we take care of your Data Privacy program.

Solutions for Large Enterprises

Large Enterprises in emerging markets like India are just about starting their Data Privacy journeys. Laws & Regulations are still emerging. The ecosystem to support Large Enterprises is also just beginning to develop. Expertise in this domain is highly limited. In this scenario, Arrka’s solutions stand out as a beacon.

Having started our Privacy practice back in 2012 out of India – when the term was virtually unheard of – and having worked with several large marquee clients, Arrka brings to the table a unique combination of deep domain expertise, a robust implementation framework and the experience of implementing privacy programs over the last five years. This coupled with our non-standard delivery model supported by our Arrka Intelligent Platform ensures that you are quickly on your way on your privacy journey.

Arrka Privacy Management Platform

When almost 90% of experts in Data Privacy are busy addressing the needs of the top 10% organizations - in a scenario where every organization needs to implement Data Privacy to comply with Privacy & Data Protection Law(s) – the only option is to automate and empower organizations to become self-sufficient to implement and manage their own Privacy Programs.

It is to solve exactly this problem that we built the Arrka Intelligent Platform. To bring Data Privacy & Protection within the reach of each and every organization that needs it. The platform enables organizations through their entire privacy journey: Assessment + Design + Implementation + Ongoing Management. With all the requisite intelligence and tools built into the platform.

Get Empowered. Get Independent. Get Going.

Arrka Privacy Academy

Data Privacy is here to stay. Getting equipped with the requisite knowhow and expertise by various folks in the Privacy Ecosystem is the need of the hour. The Arrka Privacy Academy was set up to facilitate this. Leveraging the best of knowledge and certifications available in the market, the Academy brings specialized targeted programs for specific audiences. So whether you are looking to become an expert Privacy Practitioner or just understand what Privacy is all about so that your can manage your risks better, the Academy has a program for you.

So pick from our range of accredited programs for practitioners from IAPP or DSCI or simply avail of our inhouse courses for various individuals and privacy champions.