The 7th Edition of Arrka’s State of Privacy Study is out (PRISM.IN 2023)

Data Privacy Simplified. So Every Organization gets Privacy Compliant.

Quick and Easy Compliance with GDPR, India DPDPA, CCPA, ISO 27001 and more.

The India DPDPA is now a reality

Get Compliant with Arrka

Get Compliant. Stay Compliant.

Arrka empowers you to comply throughout the entire lifecycle of any Privacy Law or Standard.

Yet to start?

Struggling to get started? The Arrka platform gets you going. Simply, easily and quickly.

Somewhere there?

Policies and Documentation Completed. Actioning them off is a different story? The Arrka platform streamlines all activities and processes.

All done?

Yayy! Now to ensure you remain compliant. The Arrka platform empowers you to do that. Throughout your journey.

Find out where you are on your compliance journey.

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Why Arrka

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Inbuilt Expertise and Intelligence

Implementing and Operationalizing Privacy in organizations of all sizes for a decade has given us a deep understanding of what it takes for an organization to (a) get compliant and (b) remain compliant. All this expertise and intelligence is baked into the Arrka Platform

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Simplified Compliance

Privacy is complex. With multiple moving parts. We have leveraged our expertise to take all this complexity and move it under the hood. So you are empowered to comply with any Privacy law or standard without the accompanying bothersome hassles.

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