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Arrka’s story

Data Privacy is complicated. It evolves by the day. Expertise required is multifaceted – of which there is acute paucity. Yet, to stay in business, every organisation has to implement Data Privacy – now or eventually.
Arrka aims to empower every organization to implement Data Privacy. Whatever their size or budget.

The Genesis

Our founders, Sameer & Shivangi, founded Arrka after spending more than a decade each in corporate jobs engaging with large organisations in their Cybersecurity & Risk journeys. The one thing they realised while doing this was that there was an acute scarcity of expertise in these domains. Consequently, this scarce set of experts naturally gravitated towards the large enterprises or the government – entities that could afford it. However, as the world became increasingly digital, associated cyber risks began emerging and impacting ALL organisations, not just the large ones.

When the entrepreneurial bug bit and they set up Arrka, the duo decided to make this their mission – to equip ALL organisations, irrespective of size, to deal with Cyber Risks. And they picked two areas of Cyber Risks to focus on: Data Privacy & Cyber Security.

To translate the above into reality, they set out three objectives for Arrka:


In a conversation with a friend, they articulated their thoughts as:

We all know today’s cars are powerful, with high-end design, engineering, technology and manufacturing backed by a large ecosystem of players. Yet...when someone drives the car, she only focuses on getting from Point A to B in a smooth, efficient and safe manner – without having to focus on how the car really works. All those complexities are tucked under the hood, humming away quietly in the background. Why can’t organisations have a similar experience regarding Data Privacy & Cyber Security? Why can’t they remain focused on driving their own businesses ahead instead of worrying about how to make their Data Privacy & Cybersecurity programs - with their hundreds of moving parks - work. The reality today for organisations is that they have to find and hire the equivalent of automobile experts who would know what parts to gather, how to put them together, build the car and keep it in a working condition - so that it can be driven. Why? How can this sustain? Especially in a highly digital world where every single organisation, big or tiny, must ensure they take care of Data Privacy & CyberSecurity if they have to stay in business.

The Journey

With the above mission clearly mapped out, the two rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Along the way, they were joined by other like-minded folks who shared the lofty dream. Working with various organisations of different sizes across multiple sectors, understanding their challenges and working with them to address them gave the team the insights they needed to chip away at their dream. Slowly, the initial contours of the design of the Arrka platform emerged. The real power of the platform, which is in the underlying content frameworks – that weave the myriad ‘capsules of knowledge’ into actionables and enable them to remain updated in the rapidly and continually changing environment – took a couple of years to be designed and built. After all, this was (and is!) unchartered territory with no examples or  benchmarks for the team to consider.

In the process, responding to their clients’ requirements, Arrka Lab and Arrkademy also got established. Arrka Lab introduced the concept of Privacy Testing and started conducting and publishing  the much sought-after Annual Privacy Study. In parallel, the lab kept(and keeps) developing Arrka’s core methodologies and frameworks as well – responding to client needs as and when they came up. Meanwhile, Arrkademy has gone on to become the definitive Privacy focused learning platform in India, contributing to building a pool of much-needed privacy experts that India so urgently needs.

Being pioneers in Data Privacy in their geography of initial focus – India – Arrka has also been contributing in many ways to the emerging Data Privacy landscape in India and is looked upon as the thought leader in its chosen area of expertise – Operationalizing  Privacy in organisations.

Today, with a Privacy Management Platform that SIMPLIFIES, AUTOMATES and provides ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE on tap, complemented by Arrka Lab and Arrkademy, Arrka empowers organisations to confidently forge ahead with their Data Privacy Programs with minimal dependence on expensive expertise and budgetary outlays.

In a Nutshell, Arrka's Goals



We use the power of data and technology to make it easy for anyone to implement and manage their Data Privacy Programs.



We assimilate and digest all the complexities an organisation faces with Data Privacy, push them 'under the hood' and offer a simple-to-use solution"



We collate all applicable data & intelligence. Add on the expertise derived from experience. Harness it all via AI. Make it all available as Actionable Intelligence that is available on tap

The force behind Arrka

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Shivangi Nadkarni



Sameer Anja



Sandeep Rao

Principal Consultant - Privacy SME

Devendra Gupta2

Devendra Gupta

Head of Products


Why should Privacy Compliance translate into looking for hard-to-find experts, steep budgets and sleepless nights? You have Arrka. 

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Every Human Being on this planet has a Right to Privacy. Whether or not a Personal Data Protection or Privacy Law already exists in their country or is in the pipeline.

Ergo, every organization handling Personal Data needs to implement a Data Privacy program. Arrka’s mission is to empower every organization to do so.

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