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The Arrka Privacy Management Platform enables you to comply easily

Guided Actionables

You don’t have to worry about where and how to start with your Privacy compliance, the actions to be taken along the way and what to prioritise when. We have it all sorted for you.​

Inbuilt Expertise

We have built in the expertise and intelligence you need. And it is all tucked away under the hood. So you can focus on your business rather than worrying about Privacy.​

Easy to Use

No jargons. Simple business terms that anyone can understand — with help at hand at every juncture.

Lifecycle Compliance

Nothing short-term. All you need throughout your Privacy journey is built-in.

Why should Privacy Compliance translate into looking for hard-to-find experts, steep budgets and sleepless nights? You have Arrka. 

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Every Human Being on this planet has a Right to Privacy. Whether or not a Personal Data Protection or Privacy Law already exists in their country or is in the pipeline.

Ergo, every organization handling Personal Data needs to implement a Data Privacy program. Arrka’s mission is to empower every organization to do so.

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