Why do Privacy Lawyers need a Privacy Platform?

To operationalize the policies and contracts you draft for your clients. The Arrka Platform enables this.

Equip your clients to operationalise your advice with Arrka

You have helped your clients identify all the Data Protection, Privacy & Security Laws, Regulations, Mandates & Standards they need to comply with.

You have understood these Laws, Regulations, Mandates & Standards in-depth and drafted the necessary policies, contracts and documentation for your clients to ensure compliance.

This is when your clients begin to struggle. They need to translate into reality all that the policies and contracts say. For e.g., to commit to responding to a Data Subject Rights request, a process needs to be built and deployed to cater to every request coming in. For which a Personal Data Inventory needs to be built and managed – so the team catering to a request for erasure (for e.g.) will know exactly where to go and delete what data.

This is one example of what it means to operationalise Privacy. 

The Arrka platform equips an organization to do this… and much more.

Arrka empowers your Clients to take your work to fruition 

In an efficient and effective manner. All through their compliance journey

Yet to start?

Client struggling to figure out what needs to be done, when and how? Arrka gets you going. Quickly and easily.

Somewhere there?

Your Client has figured the basics out and got a few things in place. Now to roll it out. Arrka equips your client to operationalize and streamline

All done?

Phew! Your client is all set. Now to ensure they remain compliant. Arrka empowers them to do that. Throughout their journey.

All that is needed – in one place

Quick Assessments

Gap Assessments, Impact Assessments, Third-Party Risk Assessments, Client Assessments — all out-of-the-box.

Templates, Workflows, Vendor Management on tap

Enable Privacy by Design, set up & manage Rights Requests, Institute Incident Response & Notification, manage vendors.

Personal Data Management

Identify Personal Data (PD), Map PD flows to Third parties, set up & manage PD Inventory.

Central Privacy Portal

Set up a portal for Data Subjects to manage their Consent, Notice, exercising of Choice and Rights Requests.

FAQs on Compliance for Privacy Lawyers

How can Arrka’s Platform help a Privacy Lawyer?
  • Your client organization needs to operationalize all the policies and contracts that you draft for them. Your client needs to roll out processes and implement various controls so they can actually action off all the stringent measures that they commit to – that you draft and document for them
  • The Arrka platform equips your client to do exactly this.
  • In short, the platform takes over where your work ends.
What is special about Arrka’s Solution for Privacy Lawyers?
  • Over the years of working with organizations of various sizes across sectors, one common thread we observed was the challenge and hassle around actually translating into reality all that is committed in their policies and contracts.
  • To do this, the organization needs to implement a specialized Privacy Implementation Framework.
  • This framework is baked into the Arrka platform, making is easier and out-of-the-box for the organization and the lawyer guiding them in their compliance journey.
  • As a result, it equips a Privacy lawyer to take their work to its logical conclusion rather than leave it at the document level.
Can the platform be used across multiple Clients?
  • Yes, the platform can be used by one Lawyer across multiple Client entities. It enables the Lawyer to run multiple engagements simultaneously without hassles.
If we use the Arrka solution, will we need to deploy anything on clients’ servers?
  • Nothing is required to be installed or deployed on clients’ servers
If we need to reach out and talk to a Privacy/ Security expert at any point in time, can Arrka help with that?
  • Yes, Arrka has a pool of Experts who can step in to help you with any queries you have or any assistance you may need.

Complying with multiple laws and standards can be daunting

We understand that your business is complex, probably spread across any countries, each with its own specific privacy and security laws and regulations. With Arrka, you can do it all.